Join a PABA Committee!

PABA welcomes your participation in the many activities and events in plans.  Indeed, our community strives on our strong leadership and your involvement!  Please join us!

For more information or to get involved, please contact us at

Membership Committee – The Membership Committee is the conduit by which current and prospective members, as well as interested members of the general public, become involved with PABA. Though PABA’s robust network is built largely by individuals who have connected with PABA on their own initiative, PABA also relies on the Committee to proactively reach out to Filipino-American attorneys and leaders of the community-at-large. For more information about your membership or the Membership Committee itself, please contact its Co-Chairs, Melanie Buccat and Ed Dailo.

Endorsement Committee – The Endorsement Committee’s primary role is to determine whether the judicial, political and other candidates brought for its consideration have met PABA’s criteria for endorsement. If successful, the Committee then recommends the candidate to the Board for final approval. For more information about securing an endorsement or about the Endorsement Committee itself, please contact its Co-Chairs, Carlos Lazatin and Christine Gonong.

Media and Communications Committee – The Media Committee keeps PABA members abreast of events relating to the organization; disseminates information relevant to pressing local, state and federal issues relating to the Asian-American legal community; and provides a means of advertising and recognizing the achievements its members. This activity is made possible through the Committee’s utilization, development and maintenance of all forms of digital media, including its website, social media accounts and e-newsletters. For more information about taking advantage of these resources or about the Media Committee itself, please contact its Co-Chairs, Serafin Tagarao and John R. De La Merced.

Student Relations Committee – The Student Relations Committee is the heart of PABA as it aims to encourage, support and develop the talent of the next generation of attorneys. The Committee’s members serve as liaisons between PABA and students from the local law schools, connecting mentors and other resources with the latter. For more information about participating in the Mentor-Mentee Program or about the Student Relations Committee itself, please contact its Co-Chairs, Mark Allen and Emmanor Rigonan.

Social Committee – The Social Committee offers attorneys and law students the opportunity to interact with each other in their more natural states, be it at an athletic function or local hangout. In so doing, participants have the opportunity to gain balance and perspective in their careers while forging new friendships with colleagues. For more information about coordinating a social event or about the Social Committee itself, please contact its Co-Chairs, John R. De La Merced and Tristan Bufete.

Community Service and Outreach Committee – The Community Service and Outreach Committee endeavors to create and implement pro bono and charitable programs while establishing partnerships with stakeholders for the benefit of the Filipino-American community. In an understanding that such programs enrich the practice of law, the Committee frequently engages attorneys outside of their traditional field of expertise into areas that are often a natural extension of their personal interests. For more information about becoming involved in these projects or about the Community Service and Outreach Committee itself, please contact its Chair, Marissa Dagdagan.

Education and Advocacy Committee – The Education and Advocacy Committee is charged with the responsibility of raising awareness and recommending action on critical legal issues affecting the Filipino-American community. The Committee also facilitates the exchange of best practices and provides a means of fulfilling professional requirements through the coordination of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses. For more information about taking part in these programs or about the Education and Advocacy Committee itself, please contact its Chair, Ernie Ocampo.